Call, text or email and we will be delighted to book in your order. You can drop off and collect to suit your busy work/family life or we can collect. We can provide a personalised laundry bag (small charge) which your ironing can be stored and transported in. Please put laundry, dry cleaning & repairs in a separate bag and labelled accordingly. Your ironing order will usually be ready within 48 hours, laundry/dry cleaning/repairs take longer.

Please contact us to confirm our Bank Holiday / Christmas timetable or visit our Facebook Page.


Adult clothing is returned on hangers, where appropriate and under garment covers. Bedding will be folded and placed in your laundry bag. If you have any special requests, please leave a note in your bag. To be eco friendly and avoid a charge of 32p a cover, please re-cycle garment covers with care, simply include them with your next load of ironing. If you are not able to provide enough hangers, we will happily supply these at 12p per hanger. To cover our costs, we charge £2.50 for missed collections.


We wash, dry and fold your laundry. Cost includes laundry liquid. Additional charge for stain removal and hand wash items. Please advise us of sensitive fabrics or items that are not colour fast. We cannot accept liability for damage to garments as a result of unsuitability to our regular washing/drying cycle, so please check your garments and also check all pockets are empty - we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to garments or personal property. We do not guarantee to remove all stains/soiling but we will do our very best! If any garments are heavily soiled and need special attention, please do tell us.


We provide an itemised invoice, clearly showing the charges. We accept cash, cheque, BACS or GoCardless payments. Payment is strictly upon return of your order. A minimum order of £15.00 applies. A surcharge of 10% is applicable to invoices outstanding for 7 days or more. Clothing is charged according to age/size on manufacturer’s label.


To ensure you are delighted with your order, our team adhere to strict care and working practices. In the unlikely event of an item being damaged by The Ironing Co, we offer compensation to a maximum value of £50 per item. Any item you include in your load that appears to have previous damage through ironing will be returned un-ironed to avoid any misunderstanding regarding liability for the damage. This includes items where fabric has become shiny due to wear or incorrect temperature use when previously ironed.